Java Source Code Formatter

The JavaFormatter tool reorganizes Java source text files to neatly indent code blocks according to their nesting level. It is a member of SD's family of Source Code Formatters. An example of the JavaFormatter's results can be seen here.

Java Formatter Features

  • Formatted code compiles and executes exactly like unformatted code
  • Handles Java 1.1-1.6 and Java version 7
  • Specification of indentation step distance
  • Specification of arbitrary input tab column positions
  • Several styles of block ("curlybrace") indentation, including Sun standard
  • Option to list separate logical conditions (&&,||) on separate lines
  • A version with obfuscation capability can scramble the code to make it difficult to reverse-engineer.
  • Can process batches of files, specified either manually or through a Java-based file-selector GUI.
  • Output encoding in ASCII, European ASCII, or UNICODE (UTF-8 or UTF-16)

Source Browser

The Java Source Browser not only formats Java for web pages, but is fully integrated with JavaDoc to provide a hyperlinked cross reference for every identifier, leading to full JavaDoc information, its source definition point and complete list of refences to the identifier.

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Java Source Code Formatter